8 Things I Learned From Angel


1. Remember to Rest and Relax

In our busy schedules, we sometimes tend to go on and on with our tasks and activities. We could go non-stop just like the energizer bunny. This is not always the best for us. It could lead to burn out or to stress build-up; and neither of the two is desirable. Stress build up is detrimental to our health. Many diseases are exacerbated if not caused by stress. Some of these diseases are auto-immune disorders like psoriasis, eczema, lupus, etc. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease are usually associated with high stress levels or are said to worsen with stress. We need to take breaks, whether we work at the office or at home.

Stress is part of life, but continuous stress is bad.  We cannot totally eliminate stress in our lives, but we can learn to manage it.  Taking a break will stop the stress for a little time, and help the body go back to normal. We can take a ten minute break from whatever we are doing or whatever we are thinking. Relaxation can come in the form of a nap, some meditation time, listening to some calming music, or even just going outdoors to sit under a tree. When we are stressed or overworked; moments when we walk away for a few minutes can be powerful in recharging our energy. Maybe that’s why they call it a “power nap”.

After working for a long time, we need to rest. It is very important to get enough rest, it replenishes our strength and restores our energy. It relaxes our muscles and our mind. If we get a restful sleep, people sometimes comment that we are glowing. Maybe that’s why they call it “beauty sleep”.

Take time to rest and to relax, every day and every few hours in a day. Yes, just like Angel. And maybe, we will be more youthful, healthier and happier.

Copyright by Karen Galarneau 2013