8 Things I Learned from Angel

20131108-194918.jpg7. Take Good Care of Your Loved Ones

Our pet babies give us unconditional love. They make us happy by being there for us, providing loyal friendship, and companionship.

Our pet babies will never outgrow us. They remain dependent on us their pet parents for their entire lives. Our pet babies need some veterinary care in order to be healthy. We need to get them to the animal clinic or hospital for their regular check up, and for their shots. They are required by law to have an annual anti-rabies shot. To protect them from other diseases, they also need other shots and preventive medication. For example, they need a preventive medicine to protect them from heartworm, a parasite which causes severe damage and even death.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying is never truer than in the case of our pet children. It doesn’t take so much time or money, but giving the preventative medications, will go a long way in keeping our pet children healthy for a long time. When we give them the necessary health care, as well as proper diet and exercise, it goes a long way in keeping them around with us for a long time. It is also more economical to invest in the preventive medications than to have to pay the high cost of treatment.

I love Angel so much, that I realized early on that we need to take good care of her health. Pets generally have a shorter life span than human beings. Providing proper health care for our pets will help enhance their well-being so that those precious years will be as enjoyable and wonderful as possible.

Copyright by Karen Galarneau 2014


Exercising with My Angel

Everyone needs exercise. Exercise is good for our health. The recommendation is at least thirty minutes three times a week. But if you can, it is better for your health to exercise more often like five days a week or even everyday, and for longer than 30 minutes each time. it would not just be healthy but it would also facilitate weight loss.

Dogs also need exercise. It helps dissipate their energy and minimize anxiety. One day, while i was walking on the treadmill, Angel tried to get up on it as if wanting to walk with me. But the treadmill wasn’t big enough for both of us. I turned the treadmill off and got down. I let her get on the treadmill and when she was on it, i turned it back on. I let her walk on there for a while while i did the dishes. She seemed to like it as long as she could watch me. It wasn’t me who trained her for the treadmill, though, it was Scott my husband who taught her how to walk on the treadmill. He says she used to walk at least 30 minutes on it but with me she only stayed on it for 15 minutes.

Walking is one of the best low impact exercises. It is not too harsh on your feet or on the back. It is great for overall body health as it is good for the heart and other organs. When you can not walk outside, the treadmill is the next best thing. Just turn up your ipod, or the tv , and walk your way to good health. And if you have a dog, let it use the treadmill too. There are actually treadmills made especially for dogs, and it is designed for their size. I think the best gift we could give ourselves everyday is at least thirty minutes of exercise. And the same goes for our pets. If we could help them get their daily exercise, it is a gift not just for them but for ourselves. When they are healthier, we can enjoy their companionship longer.

Angel’s zest for exercise is a constant source of inspiration for me. She just loves getting on the treadmill. We’re so lucky to have such an awesome health buff for our pet.