8 Things I Learned From Angel

3. Forgive everyday

Yes, I learned this from Angel. We can learn a thing or two from our pets about forgiveness. I’m talking about forgiving the small hurtful things that happen between us and our loved ones and our friends. Any abuse and criminal offenses are beyond the scope of this blog.
I am talking about forgiving the small stuff, which we can do.

As I was saying, our pets seem to forgive the small stuff all the time. They don’t seem to carry grudges. They don’t keep a record of our wrongs. If I neglect to take Angel for a walk, or if I get so busy that I spend less time with her, she doesn’t get resentful or vengeful and take it against me. The next time she wakes up or the next time she sees me, she is happy and loving. This is the way with our pets. They love us just the same even if we have failed them in some way. They forgive us easily.

I wish it were that easy for us humans, but I understand that we sometimes carry grudges. And over time, these grudges become resentment. Sometimes, if the offense is something that we consider really grave, we can be unforgiving. Sometimes we were hurt so deeply that we choose to carry the heavy burden of un-forgiveness. At times it could get so heavy that we feel like we can hardly move forward. We think this is the only way to protect us from being hurt again; and so we carry on with our lives keeping the anger and hatred in our hearts and minds.

But the truth of the matter is, forgiveness does not benefit the one who offended us as much as it does us, the offended ones. If we forgive, we release our own heart from the pain and the repetition of the pain. We set our own hearts free, for healing. We take the power away from the one who offended us so they could not hurt us that way anymore.

Forgive every day. Don’t go to bed with hatred in your heart. As much as possible, we need to try to forgive every day for our own peace of mind, and for our own health. Just try it. It could mean a whole lot of difference in your life.



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