Dancing Angel Part 2

I don’t really know anymore how it happened or exactly how we did it. Maybe some dogs are just meant to dance. The idea was born from watching a video of the dancing dog on “Britain’s got talent”.  I know. It was a silly idea. But thankfully, Angel was into it. And so, we started with the basic “sit” and “lie down” commands.  We did great! I remember thinking, “Now, if we could just teach her to dance”.  Like I said, Angel was really into it and it really didn’t take much to coach her. She just wanted to have fun. Either that, or she just loves watching us do funny stuff, and then copies us. Yeah, it’s okay, you can laugh.

Anyway, treats are very important tools in this process. Actually they are the secrets to success. Angel will dance, turn around, shake hands and lie down, for her treats. Oh, and yes, that is our simple little routine: “dancey-dancey” (which is like swaying to the left and to the right), “turn around” (which is her cue to make a complete turn), shake hands (left and right paws), followed by “lie down”, and the great finale – “roll over”.

Sometimes, when I hear a favorite song, I start to dance to it, and guess what, Angel will get up from where she is lying down and start to follow me as a I dance, so I just let her do the routine. And there we are dancing to our hearts’ content. I can’t begin to describe the joy that such a moment gives me. I don’t even have to give her a treat.  She just wants to dance with her Mommy. And when the dance is done, I just pet her, and hug her, and I praise her, and tell her I love her.  It is so awesome, dancing with my Angel. It is, as they say, “priceless”.

So go ahead and try teaching your doggie to dance. Just try it, play your favorite dancing music and dance. And I am pretty sure, if that dog of yours loves you as much as I think it does, it will try its best to dance along with you.  You might just discover that your dog’s got talent!

In this post, I am sharing a precious video. Here’s my loving husband Scott, dancing with our Angel. I am the videographer.  I hope you like it.

copyright by Karen Galarneau 2013


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