My Dancing Angel

You can teach old dogs new tricks. We taught Angel her new tricks only this year (she’s now three years old). I believe she can still learn more tricks in the future. They say that some dogs love to have tasks, they love to help. And just as much, they love to do tricks because they know they get their treats for doing them. I have a feeling that another reason is they can feel their tricks make us happy and they love to please us.

My husband Scott and I taught Angel to dance. I saw a youtube video of the winning dancing dog on the British Got Talent show. That gave me the initial idea to teach Angel how to dance. What we taught her is not a complicated routine. It’s simple really but she has learned it and we have a lot of fun with it. Angel loves to perform and she does it even when we have guests. She is a natural entertainer and we are very proud of her. She used to be shy about it but over time she has found her confidence and her rhythm.

I remember when I was very young, I liked to go to dog shows at the veterinary college. My mom was the pharmacist at the vet college hospital pharmacy and we lived on campus so it was easy to attend these dog shows. I was interested in dogs and wanted to be a veterinarian so my mom really encouraged me to go to these events. This is where I first learned from veterinary students how to teach your dog to sit, lie down, come, roll over, and stay.

There are many books on training dogs and also there are obedience schools that would teach your dog for you. But if you have the time and interest, you can try training your dog yourself. The process will be definitely fun and memorable for both you and your pet. The key is to use one syllable words. Also be sure to teach one trick at a time, keep on it until the dog gets it, before moving on to the next trick. This way the dog doesn’t get confused. You just need to be patient, it will be worth it in the end.


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