Do you believe in angels? I do. But the one I am talking about here is a different kind of angel. I have my husband to thank for many things. And maybe one of the best reasons is that he gave me my Angel. She is the most lovable adorable loyal affectionate loving dog I have ever met in my entire life. And did I mention smart? Yup, she is amazingly intelligent.

I first met Angel on Skype. I kid you not. I was out of the country when my husband Scott decided to adopt a scrawny brown dog named Booger. During one of our Skype video calls, he introduced us. As I got to hear about Booger and saw more of Booger on the video calls, I told my husband, she seems such a sweet dog, why don’t we call her Angel instead? So that’s how she became “Angel”. Later on when I got back home, I finally met Angel face to face and she was indeed like an angel, fully deserving of her name. She was no longer scrawny, she’d had more dog food and more loving attention that she was growing into this beautiful but still brown doggie.

It was Scott’s idea to keep Angel as an inside dog, meaning keep her in the house most of the time. At first I was afraid because I was allergic to pet dander. The allergist told me before that I could keep a pet, just not sleep in not same room with it. But we decided that Angel could sleep in our bedroom, just not in our bed. I put a pillow and a blanket on Scott’s side of the room for Angel to sleep on, but every night after we had gone to sleep she would go to my side of the room and sleep there and I would wake up and find her there. Later on, we found that she was going under our bed to sleep. And that is how it is now. When I say “sleeping time, Angel” she would crawl under the bed. And in the morning, when I get up, she crawls out from under the bed and follows me as I lead her to the door to go outside and do her morning constitutional (a nice way of saying she goes outside to pee).

Since I was writing my dissertation this past year and a half, I was a full time graduate student and full time housewife too. Angel turned out to be a great companion for me. Although, she mostly slept and snored while I wrote and studied, I still think she is the best dissertation buddy ever. She was always at my side during those grueling days, and she always made sure I got some sunshine and exercise as she would nudge me to play outside in the backyard with her. She is a natural at playing fetch, nobody ever taught her, but she just knew. And so we enjoyed some play time everyday especially when it was a pretty day, she always seemed to know. It kept me balanced and minimized my stress. That’s my Angel, the playful big brown puppy-like doggy.


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